Gary and Laura's Big Adventure - Almost There!

The Gorham's are in da house!  It is almost finished and we'll be adding photos soon!

Here's a few from Grandmother's scrapbook!   (click on picture for large image)

"No Daddy, a little more to your left!"

Everyone took turns keeping Harrison company and from climbing the new stairs! Here Coleman pitches in by pitching the fun tent!

Hammers always seemed to come up missing just when you needed them. If you misplaced yours, you usually had to wrestle it away from someone else!

Here's Leigh Hampton, taking a break from the 302nd showing of Mary Poppins on the TV-VCR combo!

Cameron always enjoys helping Granddaddy test out the plugs with the voltmeter!
Construction photos!!!
Before During After
Sliding glass door being replaced with French Doors and framework repairs
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IMAGE003.jpg (62460 bytes)
door work living 2 porch.jpg (204874 bytes) door in living 2 porch.jpg (191047 bytes)
door in porch.jpg (165034 bytes)