Welcome to Cameron's 3rd Birthday Party and Easter Egg Hunt Invitational

cameron and easter basket on arm.jpg (24073 bytes)
Cameron makes a big haul

bday party ice cream.jpg (26751 bytes)

Everyone enjoying the cake and ice cream!

cameron and leigh hampton.jpg (22279 bytes)
Leigh Hampton finds an egg in Cameron's shoe

cameron opens presents.jpg (24410 bytes)
Cameron opens her gifts

cameron and easter basket.jpg (13736 bytes)
Cameron looks for that last Easter egg

 leigh hampton and graddaddy 2.jpg (21433 bytes)
Leigh Hampton wakes up just in time for the festivities

cameron hunts easter eggs.jpg (28522 bytes)
Cameron finds one in a tricky spot

cbg-lhg-jdg-1.jpg (25058 bytes)
Uncle Dale with the girls

coleman.jpg (26424 bytes)
This is all Coleman can carry!

kate speyer loves icing.jpg (23718 bytes)
The best part is the icing!!!

kids in tree house.jpg (25858 bytes)
Taking a break in the tree house